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    FAQs / Frequent questions


    Why TileACAD is not compatible for Autocad© LT?


    Because the support of the Macros Autolisp and VBA are not anticipated for the version LT unlike all the other versions of Autocad© and personalized. For this TileACAD  cannot be used as any other applet of personalization.


    Why TileACAD is not compatible for Autocad© R14 and previous releases?


    Because in the preceding versions a year 2000 the management of the Macros was totally different. We have maintained then the compatibility up to the year 2003 he has obligatorily been abandoned for the impossibility to manage the procedures raster you don't introduce in the versions R14 and previous.


    Which are differences among the licenses of use?


    They are 3 typologies of licenses of his:
    - single-user: code of activation for single consumer connected to a single packet Autocad©. Possibility to manage the database and the libraries to discretion.
    - firm: code of activation for systems online (max. 10 stations) connected to the packet Autocad© network. Possibility to manage the database and libraries to discretion centralized.
    - royalties-free: any code of activation and free distribution from the concessionaire of the license of distribution. Personalization of the mark and the libraries of products. The consumer cannot modify the attached database.


    How do I do to get some visualizations 3D of my layings?


    We advise to always proceed in the creation of the layings in  2D ( ortogonals projections - monge) and therefore only subsequently to effect visualizations 3D (axonometric or perspective). You visualization of the layings effected with TileCAD with the rendering of Autocad© will be then function of the formulations environment and of the lights (as always in every elaborations of rendering). We recommend for getting a good fidelity of the colors of the products to activate  'solar light' and eventually one 'point light' central. To obviously get particular effects a particular study of the environment will be needed. We remember that however to get effects of quality of the productions of synthetic images other more evolved tools as Autodesk VIZ© or the export are needed to other programs specialized in the rendering.


    Why the installation of TileACAD foresees that you happen with the permissions of administrator of the system?


    Because TileACAD already intervenes within the directory of installed Autocad©. In particolar way the dir / support must have made available in reading / writing and this a lot of times it is possible only if whoever installs it especially enters with the tallest permissions of administrator or user with free access with the S.O. Windows® 2000 and Windows® Vista or systems of net.



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