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Library of macro for the laying of ceramic products and from covering

in  AUTOCADŽ 2000...2012, compatibles and specialized.





The library of procedures software(macro) TileACAD is totally integrated in environment family AUTOCADŽ ver.2000...2012 and it allows to seek, to extract and to place products and panels / tiles and material  from covering inside areas, perimeters and environments 2D according to a double formality: in formed RASTER using the photographic images of the tiles or in formed VECTOR with the use of pattern and false colors.




Principal functionalities RASTER :

  • seeks in database produced with keys for typology, series and format

  • management of the geometries ( point of insertion, scale, rotations )

  • insertion of single products or pannels/moduls

  • laying of groupings for lines and columns

  • laying within closed areas (polylines 2D, circumferences, ellipsis, etc.)

  • management of  textured and effect zero joint

  • automatic insertion of explanations and logo

  • automatic creation of the blocks

  • control of the layers (name, color, blocks, etc.)

  • control of visualizations and images

  • management and creation database pannels/moduls

  • direct link www to the pages of information on the product

  • automatic clipping of the images

  • calculation of  products and export

  • axonometries 3D

  • quote

  • Metric and Anglo-Saxon system of measure

Principal functionalities VECTOR:

  • management database of the modules with association of the patterns (up to 4 overlapped)

  • management database of the modules in block type and in free sketch

  • management database of the edges (up to 10 products for edging)

  • Automatic laying of modules chosen from librariy within any closed surface

  • Coloration, scaling and rotation of the patters

  • Free or automatic positioning of the point of insertion

  • Management of the inside islands to the area of laying

  • Automatic laying of the edges chosen from library on any opened perimeter or closed

  • Laying for following series, inside, external, etc.

  • Automatic management of the closings of angle and the tangencies.

  • Automatic laying of roundly of edgings

  • Automatic metric calculation of the layings

  • Library  preformed of the principal layings with relative patters




The new version 2006 also englobe all the procedures of QuickTILE - OMNI DATA that from 1996 it was particularly addressed to the fast laying of great surfaces and edgings of swimming pools.

The use of TileACAD is also wide for the creation and planning of forms of  WATERCUT of any typology and with an any number of applied materials. The result is visually photo-realistic and the standard files Autocad. DWG and. DXF can directly be used for the connections CAM to the cut machines.




Already foreseed in 6 languages (Italian, English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese) complete of installation and technical information for the immediate use also from an inexperienced use.
Totally customized and ready for the great distribution both on digital support that on-line.

To download a demonstrative, complete and totally functional with enclosure date-base of products standard

To download the TileACAD  tutorial  ( .pdf format)

To download  brochure TileACAD ( .pdf format )