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Consulting, Assistance, Maintenance


OMNI DATA guarantees all his products software with professionalism and continuity.

The investment effected by its customers is preserved in the time with special services post-sale and during the whole indefinite time of its distribution and progressive technological updating.

The use that maids know such professional philosophy that flows in a qualified service highly well, personalized and continuous. The certainty of a continuous updating, of swift and clear answers to all the computer problems, of productions of elevated quality and complexity are the bases of a collaboration and a service that  not sees in the customer but in the partner the optimal relationship.

For this they have been activated with the concessionary firms:


Contracts of aggiornamento/manutenzione software

Contracts of telephone help-line and by e-mail of help and learning

Contracts of help-line with the final consumer of information and technical intervention


Besides OMNI DATA  is able to furnish a range of services to the firms in continuous evolution, able the demands that are born in the sector of the Information Technology to satisfy:


Creation and management data-banks graphics and registry

Consultation on specific problem list business inherent  l'automations of the processes of planning and production

Analysis and Planning of distributed Bases

Web Solutions

Planning,  installation, assistance, personalization, formation and consultation on systems CAD 2D/3D

Analysis and development of applicativi personalized on specific indications of the Customer

Learning of  formation of varied level, contemplated to the use of the computer and the relative programs