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Software distributions




Services of printing and duplications for the distribution software

OMNI DATA offers to his own clients the project, the search and the organization according to necessity for the distribution of the softwares on you support optic and magnetic, lifting so that the burdens of all the inherent problem list, up to the delivery of the ended products and ready for the distribution.

Printing and duplications CD/DVD , miniCD, CDcard

it is a service everything inclusive that take advantage of the decennial experience foresees according to the various necessities:

  • formation and creation of the master gold-disk
  • printing CD
  • serigraphics and typographics printing
  • packaging, cellophanatura, etc.
  • quality verifications
  • bureaucratic procedures SIAE  (*)
  • copyright, booklet, ecc.

Pen Drive duplications

 it is a new service everything inclusive and it foresees:

  • formation of autostart software packaging
  • duplications
  • serigraphics
  • packaging
  • quality verifications
  • bureaucratic procedures SIAE  (*)

(*) According to actual Italian  normative  the distribution software owner, already in copyright for the intellectual ownerships and without additions of multimedialiy, it is exempt from the SIAE stamps and replaced by special substitutive declaration.