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Why the use is completely FREE for the final consumers



OMNI DATA  is a society of computer services for the firms of production and distribution and therefore it doesn't produce neither it distributes standard softwarefor the final use.

Our  firms customers distribute directly with the own marks the procedures software the more than the times in completely FREE form and it is possible to do application directly of it or enrolling him what users near their institutional sites.

The free- use of the software and the free big international distribution they allow to any consumer (technical, architects, distributors, firms of constructions and planning, etc.) to use our productions without any additional application.

The total advantage toward the final users also allows our firms customers to have the own productions known, to be able to recommend and to inform on technologies applied opposite offering technical tools of great practicality, facility of use and completeness.

OMNI DATA in the varied marks has a file thousand of products to cover any demand and necessity and twenty years of experience in the distribution of computer technical procedures.

Entrust to us and contact us directly if you desire to have information on the marks of the firms our customers with concession of distribution.