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3D Objects Library


all you furnish him  that for the 3D virtuality are needed


All the CD-DVD distributed of TILECAD© contain thousand of 3D parametric objects ready to be inserted in your projects of virtual ambient and in the projects of laying ceramics.

The furnishings are divided for families (bath, kitchen, external, etc.) and for ambients (inside, outside, furnishing, etc.) and you are introduced in preview with animations 3D (interactive and zoom) to immediately make to appraise and to appreciate  the quality.

With special options he can modify then the geometric data and all the required parameters:

  • length, width, height

  • position of height from the ground

  • applied materials

  • false color

  • texture / tiles produced

  • scale

  • transparency

  • texture in ray-tracing POV-RAY

  • texture in rendering INDIGO

  • mesh visualization

  • # of objects to be inserted


Furnish him inserted in the projects you are counted apart in the metric calculation of the project so that to also be used as distinguished base. Besides all the present possibilities of visualization in  TILECAD©  have the possibility to elaborate  according to the desired qualities (phong, ray-tracing, skech, panorama, animations, VRLM, anaglifi, rendering, etc.).

The library of  3D objects currently present, all of copyright of OMNI DATA, are :

  • Outside * Waters

  • Outside * Parks and Gardens

  • Outside * Trees and plants

  • Outside * Buildings - Urban furnishing

  • Inside * Kitchen design

  • Inside * Fitted kitchen

  • Inside * Kitchen accessories

  • Inside * Bedroom

  • Inside * Living room - Tables

  • Inside * Bathroom Design

  • Inside * Bathroom

  • Inside * Bathroom  accessories

  • Inside * Bathroom - Handicap

  • Public * Shops

  • Public * Study - Office

  • Public * Commercial - Vehicles

  • Furnishing * Mirrors

  • Furnishing * Flowers and Fruit

  • Furnishing * Chairs - Couches - Sofa

  • Furnishing * Doors  and windows - Curtains

  • Furnishing * Lights and lamps

  • Furnishing * Miscellaneous objects

  • Tech * Building structures

  • Tech * Modulor

  • Tech* 3D geometries

  • Tech * Staircases

  • Tech * Roofs

  • Tech * Ventilated Walls - Raised Floors

  • Tech * Tile Trims

The consumer can add in his own personal library other objects over those proposals in formed .DXF 3D or .OBJ and therefore to continually enrich his own projects and OMNI DATA makes available continuous updatings that you can unload and to install on your copy of use.