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Software for the automatic creation of ceramic mix


The program software TILEMix of OMNI DATA allows the creation of single photo-realistic panels of casual mix of ceramic products (wedges, tiles, joker, etc.).

Extremely simple in the use, any final users, distributor, technical it is able to create any mix of products, to verify the result of it, to intervene with the changes in interactive way and finally to produce the presses, to memorize in fully grown image or like a  proget.

Technical characteristic principal:

  • geometric creation of the dimension of the panel

  • choice of the photographic database wedges

  • creation of the mix (in % of the single products)

  • laying, management of the joint and editing of the mix (rotations, moves, etc.)

  • photo-realistic visualization, printing, memorization of the panel

  • library of the mix created with possibility of variant

  • multilingual and auto-start program


The procedure is totally personalizable is as graphic interface of front-end is like it structures of the date-basic one and of the keys of search.

You can be distributed is on-line (around 4Mb comprehensive of the database and of the program of installation) is on physical support (CD-ROM, card-CD, mini-CD, etc.)


The functions and the procedure for TILEMix are inserted between the ' special layings ' also in TILECAD and in TILENet as such the library of mixtures are interchangeable and totally compatible.

Following an example of a produced mixture in a project: