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With QuickCalc CE he is wanted to transport on the Pda a series of procedures distributes already in enclosure to our productions that are of aid to the technician of yard: calculation of the quantity of mastic, calculation of the masonries, fast calculation of the tiles in a areas, etc.

These procedures and others that can be assistant in the future, allow the technician that needs to often move and to not be able to use a desk computer, to have to disposition of the immediate operational tools and sufficiently powerful to also produce some complex but necessary elaborations to dispatch the own profession.

The procedures are produced in native Microsoft Visual Studio in environment WIN Mobile, therefore totally you optimize, and riassembled according to about ten different processors to get maximum reliability and any maintenance. It doesn't need any learning for the extreme simplicity of use, immediate and entirely similar to the other computer productions of OMNI DATA.

Space: around 200 Kb.. Available in 6 languages.




To use Quickcalc - freeware download (to choose the option 'Save' from the window of download) and to de-zip the file and launch the automatic setup width ActiveSync active and linked with our PocketPC.


    Quickcalc - Freeware



The concession and the license of use it foresees the exclusive private use of the program (freeware).

It is not granted unload it, the duplication and the use to firms or to corporate body not concessionaires of the program

TILECAD , TILENet  and SHAPE without information and declaration written of OMNI DATA.

For ulterior information and limitations it is begged to read it attentively: