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Program of planning of ceramics layings, cooked, woods, marbles and hard stones.
For O.S.  Windows XP / VISTA / 7





TILENet©  is a procedure of facilitation to the planning of layings of ceramic and similar products, simple in the use and extremely functional that it allows an elevated productivity and creative liberty and of composition.

Directly downloading  quickly in internet in a few second, auto-install and start  in 14 languages :


Italian English French German Spanish






    Ελληνική РУССКИЙ 日本だ (仮名)





汉语 (拼音) 한국말 (한국어)  العربي  יהודי  


Totally modifiable is as date-base (list products, images , etc.) and besides on-line linking  from the firm site for the distribution, the up-dates and I unload it of the data and of the updatings.


Principal procedures:

  • any type of laying of floor and covering

  • laying of lines or for filing

  • creation of the perimeter of laying

  • simple editing with procedures of undo-redo

  • photographic visualization of the products and the laying

  • complex layings and automatic bordature

  • management of the escapes and the joints
  • creation and memorization of preformed panels

  • creation and memorization of preformed forms

  • creation of forms of cut and water-cut
  • laying of mixtures, mosaics, cuts

  • insertion of images in trasparency from library of over 500 .gif
  • view VirtualTILE 3D

  • print and memorization of the projects
  • metric calculation

  • export OBDC of metric calculation to firm CED for customer orders

  • reading and updating of the data and on-line images
  • help online

  • tutorial online






On demand, it is possible to add the procedure EXPORT HTML for the automatic creation of the layout of the project of laying in formed HTML, directly visible on the local brower, printable, memorized and to send by e-mail widh attachment :






Business Logo
General information and annotations
Image of the project in scale
List of the present products in the project (image, code, description, quantity)
Specific information, geometric and of price.



Inside layout  the links of enlargement they are foreseen both already of the project of laying that of the single products as well as the connections to the business pages to get further information and technical specifications.
The layout of the paginated of base is totally customized  from the consumer with a word processor and optimized for the print on  A4.
Already foreseen the translations in language and the on-line setup.


From the version 2005 have been add the technology VirtualTILE of OMNI DATA that it allows the three-dimensional and interactive visualization of the plans of laying planned. With the only and simple use of the mouse it is possible instantly and in real time to make to rotate, to move and to zoom in space 3D any product or plain of laying in realistic form and in photographic quality.



To download a demonstrative, complete and totally functional with enclosure date-base of products standard and help


To download  brochure TILENet ( .pdf format )