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    The library of procedures software TileACAD is totally integrated in AUTOCAD® and specialistics  (Architectural Desktop, Civil, etc.). Allows to seek, to extract and to place products and ceramic and material panels/moduls from covering inside areas, perimeters and environments 2D/3D according to a double formality: in formed Raster using the photographic images of the tiles or in formed VECTOR with the use of pattern and forgeries.

    Generic functionality

    • - Chosen language (Italian, French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese).

    • - Metric and Anglo-Saxon System of measure.
      - Management of the images raster.
      - Connection to the procedures Autocad© of personalization.
      - Self-setup with creation of  iconic bar and menu.
      - Organization of the window with maintenance of the position.
      - Memorization of the data and the effected choices.

    Principal functionalities RASTER

    - Search in database produced with keys for typology, series and format.
    - Management of the geometries (set point, scale, rotations).
    - Insertion of single products or panels/moduls.
    - Laying of groupings for lines and columns.
    - Laying within closed areas (polylines 2D, circumferences, ellipsis, etc.).
    - Textures and effect zero joint.
    - Management of the stonalizzazionis.
    - Automatic insertion of explanations and logo.
    - Control of the layerses (name, color, blocks, etc.).
    - Automatic creation of the blocks.
    - Control of the visualizations and the images.
    - Management database and creation of panels/moduls.
    - Direct link www to the pages of information on the product.
    - Automatic clipping of the images according to various possibilities.
    - Calculation of the inserted products and export.

    - Axonometries ( false 3D )
    - Quote.

    Principal functionalities VECTOR

    - Management database of the forms with association of the patterns.
    - Management database of the forms in form of blocks to free sketch.
    - Management database of the edges (up to 10 products for edging).
    - Automatic laying of forms within any closed surface.
    - Coloration, scale and rotation of the patterns
    - Free or automatic positioning of the point of insertion.
    - Management of the inside islands to the area of laying.
    - Automatic laying of the edges on any opened or closed perimeter.
    - Laying for following series, inside, external, etc.
    - Automatic management of the closings of angle and the tangencies.
    - Automatic laying of circolar of edgings.
    - Automatic calculation of the metric calculation of the layings.
    - Library preformed of the principal layings with relative patterns.

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