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    TileACAD is a  libraries of software applets that has been developed during fifteen years following the evolution of Autocad©.
    Following we propose, to pure purpose of technical interest, the principal temporal tappes that have conducted to the actual version.



    To OMNI DATA it was in demand to automatize some functions in environment Autocad© to accelerate the creation and the calculation of layings in the projects of great swimming pools from the firm FLOOR GRES near their technical office.



    The libraries of applet Autolisp® in decomposed first is associated in an only procedure that on purpose adds the functionalities of layings of edges and fillings with patterns servants.



    The library  what time it consists of over 15 functionalities and takes the name of  QUIKTILE and it  is proposed to the market of other firms of the ceramic sector.



    It begins the distribution custom designed and other firms they purchase the packet that is enriched more and more following her new abilities of Autocad©.



    After the throwing of the version Autocad 2000, sting of turn in the products Autodesk®, QuikTile is redefined  in VBA tecnology  to exploit to the best the new graphical user interfaces. Compatibility remains with however the trails versions numbered of Autocad©.



    It is born in parallel the first version of TileACAD with the procedures RASTER that allows to directly insert inside the projects the graphic images of the products and their layings.



    TileACAD also adds the procedures VECTOR of QuickTile that is released and withdrawn by the market.



    Pushed by the necessities and by the applications of the technical offices of the firms of planning (in particolar way the technical offices of planning IRIS Ceramica and Ceramica Casalgrande-Padana) TileACAD always adds new and more sophisticated functionalities.



    TileACAD  is directly proposed with distribution in single user licence and with the management of the database from the consumer. Continues the maintenance with the last versions of Autocad© more and more addressed to 3D.



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