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OD Mobile Project


OMNI DATA, following the evolution of the new computer technologies that they currently foresee a series of  hardware that releases the consumer from the obligation to desk, leaving it free to also produce complex elaborations in total liberty, introduces his own reconverted procedures and ricodificate so that to be able to easily be installed and used more and more by a careful use to this technological evolution.


The possibility to create plain of laying photo-realistic directly in the yard it revolutionizes completely the formality of the planning of the technicians and it opens new horizons in the creation and in the choice of the products allowing to reach a result in the fastest way and accepted by the customer.


All the procedures are written in Microsoft Visual Studio  and therefore they maintain the standard of the S.O. in according to the varied present processors on the market and already translated in 5 languages, as always in our distributed programs (Italian, French, English, German and Spanish).


The procedures are completely costumized from the firms, that you can acquire the license of free distribution, and OMNI DATA  remains available to produce ulterior functionalities according to specific necessities, having technologies and the knowledges of it.


The distribution is possible directly on-line WEB or on optical supports (memory-card, smart CDs, etc.).


Currently the already available procedures are:



for Pda  Pocket Pc in O.S.  WIN Mobile
for Tablet PC in O.S. WIN XP / VISTA / 7 (Tablet version)
for smartphones  (App for any S.O.)